Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Where are we today?

Well it's that time of year, between Xmas and New Year, when we can't be fully sure what day it is. Took me three goes at realising it was Tuesday.
More importantly, I only have three more days of working before my redundancy kicks in and I become a full-time writer. Oh Eek!
My daily routine is established in stone and will kick in from January 2nd. It includes exercise, mediation and possibly yoga. I might have to wait until the effects of the exercise kick in before I attempt Warrior Two...
So am I excited? More mildly terrified. I won't have any regular income apart from my redundancy pay. Some savings and investments and selling Tee on Etsy. No that's no code. I will be printing and selling t-shirts on Etsy to make some pocket money. The writing itself just seems a forgone conclusion. Seven hours a day, six days a week, averaging 4-6k words a day? Piece of cake...Until the rewrite. Then all confidence is shot when I exclaim. "Thats a load of crap!" and my cat becomes sad....
Anyhoo I just have to try right? I just have to give it a go. I am 45 and if I don't I will end up a corporate lackey....again.
Well have a good new year and I will see you all on the other side....


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